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Every enterprise is exposed to illegal and fraudulent copies or reproduction of their product. Consumers are thereby exposed to acquiring these products.

Our IP enforcement experience covers Customs procedures and applications to monitor and seize goods, and investigations throughout Nigeria. We use both the local regulatory agencies and the courts to enforce your rights in Nigeria. Also, we have experience in dealing with online infringement issues. We have long-established relationships with expert investigators, Customs, and administrative authorities in Nigeria.

The counterfeiters are usually very innovative and dynamic in their dealings; hence our team has continued to evolve to ensure that we are always a step ahead to curb the menace of the Counterfeiters. 

Our team conduct:

  • Market survey of markets in Nigeria. The Nigerian market system is majorly unorganized and requires deep local knowledge to be able to identify the source of these counterfeit products. 

  • Spotter programmes (general sweeps of the market in a particular city to check the availability of counterfeit products); and/or

  • Preliminary investigations/market reviews to identify traders dealing in counterfeit goods and gather evidence (by conducting test purchases) for the purpose of conducting administrative raids; and/or

  • In-depth investigations to identify large-scale wholesalers/manufacturers/importers of counterfeit goods into Nigeria.

  • Organize and supervise raids and enforcement actions against identified source/s and combating parallel imports.

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