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Our expertise includes patent portfolio management; patent registration, patent litigation, patent assignment, transfer and transactional issues for patents rights.


Nigerian patent applications are examined based on form only which, as a result, keep filing costs down for clients compared to other countries. Okey IP’s professional fees make it inexpensive to obtain a granted patent in Nigeria. The Nigerian registrar allows a deadline of 30 months for filing a PCT national phase application and it is important to note that no extension will be granted.


Nigeria applies the depository system and is a member of the following unions:

  1.           Paris Convention - 1963

  2.           Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) - 2005

  3.           Patent Law Treaty - 2000

  4.           TRIPS Agreement – 1995

Filing Information for Nigeria:

  1.           A request for a grant of patent with the applicants name and address 

  2.           A specification including a claim or claims in duplicate

  3.           Plans and designs, if any, in duplicate

  4.           A declaration by the true owner of the invention 

  5.           A signed Power of Attorney or authorisation 

  6.           An address for service in Nigeria if the applicant's address is outside the country

  7.           A patent is renewable every year.

Please contact us for the list of required information, the registration process, patent forms and our competitive fees.

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