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Nigeria's acting president works to boost economy

In the absence of President Buhari, Osinbajo has shown himself as a modern day leader. His leadership style and crisis management has been totally different from his boss.

When Nigerians took to the streets to vent their frustrations in the face of economic hardship, Osinbajo responded that the people were exercising their constitutional rights. Instead of implementing the existing protocol of cracking down opposition.

When the labour leaders protested against bad working conditions, Osinbajo visited them and talked to them. A different approach from the substantive president.

Osinbajo has visited the Niger Delta, Nigeria’s restive oil region, where he’s been saying the right things. He reprimanded the locals for vandalising oil installations on the one hand and on the other, reminded them that they are stakeholders in the Nigerian project - why destroy what is essentially yours?

Osibanjo has shown that he is a diplomat, while the substantive president is more of an enforcer. This posture has enabled the Nigerian Naira to appreciate against the US Dollar in the last week.

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